WABHARM provides a12 week’s intensive training programme for members of the general public with or without a background in drug and alcohol.

The course is very popular among ex-users in recovery who have maintained abstinence for a 6-12 months period.

Professionals who work with or come across people or families with problematic substance misuse will also find the course beneficial towards enhancing their competencies in providing evidence based therapeutic support to their clients.

Following completion of the programme, participants are encouraged to volunteer their time at their local substance misuse treatment service to enable them benefit from the practical experience of applying theory into practice.

The course could also be a route for further education in substance misuse in any of the various institutions offering various related programme.

Intake Criteria:

  • Ability to read and write to an acceptable level (Individual Assessments)
  • Able to commit one day a week for 12 weeks part-time or six weeks full-time
  • To have maintained abstinence for a minimum of six months (Ex-Users only)

Course Content

  • Understanding Addiction
  • Treatment Knowledge
  • Application to Practice
  • Professional Readiness
  • Clinical Evaluation
  • Treatment Planning
  • Referral
  • Service co-ordination
  • Basic Counselling Skills
  • Client Family & Community Education
  • Documentation
  • Professional and Ethical Responsibilities