Residential Rehabilitation Centre – Onyam Residential

WABHARM in collaboration with the parent organisation in the UK EMBHARM (Ethnic Minority Behavioural Health Addiction & Recovery Management) Foundation provides long term residential rehabilitation for problematic substance dependent members of the community.

The service is located on the tranquil beach community in Cape Coast, out-skirt of the capital city Accra. The facility is purpose built and meets European standard.

The service programmes are evidenced based and incorporates the opportunity to explore local historical sites of interest to people of African Origin i.e. Afro-Caribbean and African American.

The service also consist of a unique skills development and training programme, which enhances the services users knowledge  and skills which is unique to the West African environment

The Programme is designed in phases of 3 months,

  • Phase 1 = 3months
  • Phase 2 = 3months
  • Phase 3 = 3months

Intake Criteria

  • Dependency Syndrome to Stimulants, Opiates , Depressant and prescribe medication (Mainly long term Benzodiazepine use)
  • Willingness to travel to West Africa for a minimum of 3 months treatment
  • Ability to actively participate in the all service programme

Screening and Assessment

The programme employs evidence based comprehensive screening assessment tool.


The programme treatment is evidence based and consists of medical and psychological intervention in combination with psycho-education and skills development.