Redemption Project :

The Redemption Project provides structured day programme with emphasis on personal recovery through skills development, education and employment support as a tool for sustainable recovery and re-integration in to the wider community

The aim of the Project is to primarily address the barriers experienced by people recovering from addiction and mental illness in gaining paid employment due to the following;

  • Low self-esteem
  • Lack of need skills and training
  • Stigma and negative attitudes from prospective employers
  • Low stress threshold
  • Lack of education / recognised qualification
  • Offending history
  • Disclosure of substance misuse / mental health history accounting for poor work history
  • Multiple forms of deprivation (poverty, homelessness, and family support)
  • Physical health problems

The project will address some of the psycho-social problems through a series of workshops and group work to prepare individuals and empower them through the following interventions:

Workshops Group work
Mapping a New Road to Recovery Role of medication in addiction treatment
Assertive Communication Peer mentoring
Confidence Building Anger Management
Next Step towards a better life Budgeting
Problem Solving Effective Self-Management
Basic IT Skills Decision Making
Interview skills Faith-based recovery

The project through collaboration with other relevant stakeholders in both statutory and non-statutory organisation will provide training and skills development in the following industries;

Industry Courses
Agriculture Livestock farming, Poultry Keeping, Snail rearingVegetable farming
Construction Carpentry, Bricklaying, Plumbing, Electrician and Landscaping
Health & Beauty Beauty Therapy, Hairdressing, Massage Therapy, Soap making, Body cream & lotion making
Art Sculpture, Painting, Carving & Jewellery making
Business Entrepreneurship, Book keeping & Basic Accounting skills
 Management Facilities Management (Public & Private)
Transport Commercial, Private and Heavy duty & machineries