Expert in Behavioural & Mental Health

We fully understand the link between substance misuse problems &

socio-economic deprivation.

About WABHARM Foundation –

West Africa Behavioural Health Addictions & Recovery Management

WABHARM is a non-profit social enterprise organisation, committed to providing evidence based behavioural health, substance misuse prevention, treatment intervention and recovery management to individuals, their families and the community at large, with the ultimate purpose of increasing awareness of various psychoactive drugs and alcohol.


We are a part / affiliate of the Ethnic Minority Behavioural Health Addiction & Recovery Management (EMBHARM) Foundation UK.


We are proud to pioneer the much needed revolutionary change in Addiction treatment throughout W. Africa, for people with a problematic substance abuse…

11+Years of Experience
25kHappy Families
128+Expert Staff
7+Awards Winings
20kHappy Clients

We will do, what we are expert in

Our service delivery ethos is grounded on the Recovery Model

of Addiction & Mental Health treatment.